D.C. Expands The List Of Items That Can Be Recycled


To-go containers, clean pizza boxes, and plastic plates are not regular trash anymore in D.C., they're recyclables. The District has increased the number of items that can be tossed into city's big blue toters and will standardize the list across residences, businesses, and schools, the Department of Public Works announced today.

In addition to paper, plastic (but not plastic bags), metal, cartons, and glass, the following items can now be recycled, too: pizza boxes; paper and plastic plates, cups, lids, and to-go containers; plastic produce, deli/bakery containers, and trays.

That place is Zero Waste DC, a new website also unveiled today that explains the lay of the recycling land. It also details the myriad other programs, resources, and opportunities for D.C. residents to reduce their trash output.